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Where do I sit? July 9, 2008

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Sometimes getting your guests to send in their RSVP is like pulling teeth. It’s not until they actually have to plan a large party that they start to understand the importance of RSVPs. So once you receive your RSVPs, make the grueling phone calls to your lovely guests that have not responded, and figure out which table to sit your crazy aunt at, you’re now down to the wire to either get placecards or get a seating chart made.

I love how placecards look on a table with gorgeous linens when they’re all set up in neat rows at the reception, but there’s something so easy and simplistic about a seating chart. I’ve done quite a few, and each time there’s something a little therapeutic about working on them. That’s probably just my Monica Gellar side (you know…Monica from Friends that likes to organize everything and anything), but I like organizing it and making sure all of the pieces line up. Really, I think they’re fun! Ok. I guess maybe that’s just me… Anyways, here are some of my favorites that I’ve done:

photo by Dru Chen

photo by Paper Monkey

photo by Sheri Wade Photography

photo by Sheri Wade Photography

photo by Paper Monkey




3 Responses to “Where do I sit?”

  1. very cool, I love the 3rd one!

  2. Yvett Says:

    I love the seating charts! They are soo much easier than place cards and its something different from the traditional!

  3. Diane Says:

    Those seating charts are super pretty – nice job!

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